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One Awesome Property
Six Acres Of Biker Paradise

Spokes and Bones is situated on six acres right off of Business 17 in Murrells Inlet, SC. To many it is know as the hidden gem of the Myrtle Beach rallies. From the street view you would never know the expanse of biker fun that lays in wait.

The property has a large indoor vendor pavillion. That means rain or shine you can get your shop on no matter what the weather decides to do. Also in the center of the vendor pavillion is the FMF Bar which is the first to open and the last to close each day. There is a DJ spinning tunes and the FMF Bar is always the host of the after hours party each night.

The main stage at Spokes and Bones accomodates approximately 1000 people and is where all of our headliners play and contests are held. The stage area is completely covered to protect your from the belting sun or the dirzzling rain - so you can have a good time no matter what. Also the main stage area is home the the Infamous LickHer Bar - Dani is your host there and she is not only ax extrodinary bartender but she is also an aireliist - so if she isn't behind the bar - look up - she may be doing airiel feats above your head!

Immediately inf front of the main stage and right above Big Ass Burgers is one of our newest bars - Skye Bar. The bar has a great birds eye view of the main stage and is sticked with all top shelf beverages for your discerning taste.

There is also the French Quarter which has that good ol' New Orleans feel. It features a floating stage in the middle of a pond. Plenty of comfortable seating and is home to the Tequila and Rum Bars. Oh - and you might want to bring a few beads with - it is like Mardi Gras in May! There are 12 bars total on property, each with their own uniquie theme and charm. Our latest addition is the Speakeasy. Like the Speakeasies of old times past - it isn't completly obvious to the eye. It is hidden under the main stage. It has a beautiful copper topped bar, a pool table and a uniquie view of the acts on the main stage.

There is plenty more to say about this unquie and enjoyable property - but we think it best to leave some to your imagination and encourage you to come on out and see what Spokes and Bones is all about!

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